Family School Liaison Counsellors (FSLC)

Family School Liaison Counsellors (FSLC) work primarily in individual personal counselling and support models with a wide range of topics and supports including but not limited to: Anxiety, Stress, Gender Issues, Bullying, Sexuality, Substance Abuse, Physical and or Mental Abuse, Family Relations, Mental Health related issues including but not limited to suicide awareness and suicide risk assessments and any other issues interfering with a student’s ability to function and succeed in school.  In addition to individual counselling the FSLC team works to provide supports in group and classroom settings with programs such as “Worry Dragons” and the “Why Try” program to help foster improved self-regulation and student resiliency.  The FSLC team also provides a lead role in the establishment of Hope Squads in many of our schools in Westwind. 

The FSLC team works closely with our Educational Psychologist team members in consultation and supports each other with periodic case consults to ensure that best practice in counselling is maintained.

In addition to their work with the Ed Psych team FSLC members, particularly in the senior high schools frequently work with the administration and Academic Advisors to support the registration, course selection and graduation process.  This is particularly the case in Cardston High School where the Family School Liaison counsellor extends the role to that of First Nations support playing a very active role in the course selection and education counselling of First Nation students.

Finally, Family School Liaison members have worked closely with school staff in PD and school events where appropriate and play a role in the Education Assistance conference as presenters and participants.

Family School Liaison work includes:

  1. Lead in Violent Threat Risk Assessments (VTRA Protocol), Suicide Interventions, and Crisis Response and assist the school in identifying and assessing student(s) and families in need of counselling services.
  2. Provide direct counselling services to student(s) and their families.
  3. Provide referral information and resources, liaise with the family, to support students in accessing qualified agencies, practitioners and community services for appropriate support while maintaining support at school.
  4. Ensure that school leaders are aware of the caseload and needs of students in the school and work with and under the direction of the principal to meet student needs.
  5. Collaborate with school staff and caregivers in understanding the needs of the students they are working with and how they might best support a student or students in the class.
  6. Provide information/seminars on relevant topics for promoting mental health and healthy student and family relationships.
  7. Take a proactive role in support of the development of healthy school relationships/climate.
  8. Maintain appropriate ethical standards and documentation requirements.
  9. Access ongoing and appropriate consultation and supervision.
  10. Engage in ongoing professional development in support of the work outlined above.
  11. Provide first responder support in the event of a crisis or traumatic event
  12. Report directly to the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services.

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Family School Liaison Counsellors (FSLC)

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