PowerSchool Parent Portal

Westwind School Division uses PowerSchool to strengthen its communication between the school and home. Using the Parent Portal, parents and guardians can now access information online regarding their child’s grades, attendance, and school fees.

One of the great features of PowerSchool is parents and guardians only need to create one Parent Portal account regardless of the number of students they have within Westwind—meaning only one login to remember!

The Parent Portal also follows each student as they move within the Division so there is no need to recreate an account each year. Students who are new to the division, regardless of grade, will receive a letter from their school outlining the information needed to link a student to an existing account and/or set up a new parent account.

For more information about the PowerSchool Parent Portal, please contact your school directly. 

Creating Your Parent Portal Account

To create a PowerSchool Parent Portal account:

  1. Go to https://ps.westwind.ab.ca/public.
  2. Click the “Create Account” button.
  3. Enter the parent or guardian information. Each account must have a unique email address and username—only one parent account is required regardless of the number of children you have attending Westwind schools.
  4. Create a username and password of your choice—you’ll need both the username and password to log in to your PowerSchool Parent Portal.
  5. You must have an Access ID and Access Password for each student that is added to your account. Contact your child’s school to obtain this information.
  6. Click “Enter.”

If you have any problems setting up your PowerSchool Parent Portal account, contact your child’s school for further assistance.

PowerSchool Admin Login

PowerSchool Teacher Login