School Councils

One of the most important ways you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of WSD students is by participating in school councils. By connecting students, schools and your community, school councils help nurture and inspire students to achieve their full potential.

Parents and community members are important partners in public education. Through school councils, our partners can make significant and meaningful contributions to the learning opportunities provided to WSD students. 

Through the Education Act, Alberta Education defines school councils as a collective association of parents, secondary students, the principal, teachers, and community representative(s) whose purpose is to advise the principal and the Board of Trustees respecting matters related to the school. School councils have legislated advisory and decision-making authority defined within the Education Act and the School Councils Regulation 94/2019. ​

Every WSD school community is required to establish a school council. Working in collaboration with the principal and school community, school councils can help foster a supportive learning environment and create valuable opportunities for students to meet the standards of education set by the minister. ​

WSD believes that when parents are engaged and involved, everyone - students, parents, families, teachers, schools, and communities - benefits, and our schools become increasingly rich and positive places to teach, learn, and grow. The parent-division partnership is essential in a student’s development and fostering a relationship of reciprocal trust.

The Division School Council (DSC) is comprised of school council chairs (or an appropriate designate), members of the Board of Trustees, and other WSD leaders. Its purpose is for WSD leaders and parents to have an opportunity to work together, share information, discuss concerns and plan for the future.

The Board of Trustees will pay the cost of Alberta School Councils' Association (ASCA) memberships for any WSD school councils who are interested in this opportunity. Memberships need to be renewed on an annual basis. Membership terms run from July 1 to June 30. ASCA provides valuable support and services to school councils across the province. To learn more about ASCA, please visit their website.



The WWSD School Council Connection is e-mailed to school council contacts throughout the year and keeps school councils informed about what is happening in the division. We encourage school councils to share this information with their school communities as they choose.

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  1. Education Act: Refer to Section 55 for information pertaining specifically to school councils.
  2. School Councils RegulationOutlines specific legal requirements of school councils.
  3. Personal Information Protection Act: The provincial privacy legislation that governs school councils and fundraising societies.
  4. Alberta School Councils Association: A provincewide organization for school councils with a mission to engage and support parental involvement in public education through school councils, and direct parental views and voice into the education system.
  5. School Council Resource Guide (ASCA): Information on the operation of school councils and on key topics of importance to school councils and other education stakeholders. It is a comprehensive tool that will facilitate school council effectiveness which, in turn, will support school improvement.
  6. Personal Information Protection Act Worksheet: A worksheet for non-profit organizations.
  7. FOIP FAQ: Frequently asked questions for school jurisdictions.
  8. WSD AP 110: School Councils: Provides guidance on the function, roles and responsibilities of school councils. 
  9. WSD AP 111: Division School Council: Provides guidance on the role and structure of the Division School Council.