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The Board believes that the recruitment and selection of Division administrative personnel is a shared responsibility between the Board and the Superintendent.

The Board further believes strong leadership and administration at the Division and school levels are essential to the effective and efficient operation of the Division.


  1. The Board, in the case of the Superintendent, or the Superintendent or designate, in all other instances, will assume the sole responsibility for initiating the advertising process and will make every reasonable effort to ensure that all current Division employees are made aware of staff vacancies.

  2. The Board has the sole authority to recruit and select an individual for the position of Superintendent.

  3. The following process will be followed for Assistant Superintendent(s), Secretary-Treasurer, Director(s), and Communications Officer.
    1. The Superintendent shall be responsible for the creation of a short list of candidates for these positions.
    2. The Board representatives and the Superintendent shall constitute the interview panel.
    3. The successful candidate must be supported by a clear majority of the interview panel. The Superintendent vote must be one (1) of the votes in the majority.
    4. These positions shall have a role description and each person occupying one (1) of the positions shall have a written contract of employment. The Superintendent is delegated full authority to determine contract renewals.

  4. The Superintendent is delegated full authority to recruit and select staff for all other Division Office positions.

  5. The following process will be followed for the appointment of candidates to the position of Principal or Vice-Principal.
    1. The Superintendent shall form an interview panel. The Board representative(s) will be the local trustee(s) where possible.
    2. The final selection will be made by the Superintendent.

  6. The Superintendent is delegated full authority to recruit and select staff for all other school-based positions.

  7. In the event of an unexpected, short-term vacancy, or changes occurring in administration at the school level after June 1, the Superintendent may appoint an “acting Principal” or “acting Vice Principal” without going through a formal selection process.
    1. This will normally be done for a maximum of one (1) year; however, due to extenuating circumstances, this may be extended for an additional one (1) year.

  8. The Superintendent may initiate a procedure of transfers of principals and vice principals between schools without going through an advertising and competition process.

  9. All offers of employment shall be conditional on the successful applicant providing a criminal records check and a child intervention record check that is acceptable to the Superintendent. Additionally, the Superintendent may require documentation certifying that the candidate is medically fit for the position.

  10. For administration positions, a successful applicant may be required to take graduate-level courses as a condition of employment until a Master’s Degree is completed.

Legal Reference:

Section 52, 53, 68, 222, 223, 224, 225 Education Act


Approved: November 14, 1995

Amended: December 2, 2008; February 3, 2009; August 21, 2018

Last Reviewed: January 13, 2022