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The Board shall provide safe transportation for eligible students in an efficient and economical manner from their designated pick up point to their designated school and back.


  1. The Board will provide for the transportation of students who reside 2.4 km or further from their designated school.

  2. The Board may provide transportation for students residing less than 2.4 km from their designated school, or choosing to attend a school other than their designated school.
    1. Excepting for extenuating circumstances, as individually established, these students will be required to pay an annual fee as determined by the Board, provided there is room on the bus in question.
    2. The associated transportation fee will be established during the budget process.

  3. Non-resident students not covered by a transportation agreement who have been authorized to access transportation services will be charged a fee which is established during the budget process.

  4. The Board may make a payment in lieu of transportation where warranted.

  5. Under normal circumstances, only authorized passengers will be transported.

Legal Reference:

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Funding Manual for School Authorities

Approved: April 12, 1995

Amended: June 16, 2009; August 21, 2018; March 4, 2021