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Administrative Procedure 111: DIVISION SCHOOL COUNCIL


The Division believes that when parents are engaged and involved, everyone - students, parents, families, teachers, schools, and communities - benefits, and our schools become increasingly rich and positive places to teach, learn, and grow. In addition, in accordance with Board Policy 20: Parent Communication, Engagement & Partnership, the Division understands that the parent-division partnership is essential in a student’s development and fostering a relationship of reciprocal trust.

The Division supports and encourages the formation of a Division School Council (DSC) as a means to enhance communications and engagement among the school councils (SC), Board, Superintendent, and community.


  1. The Division recognizes the value of the DSC and encourages each school council chair or designate to serve as a representative at the DSC meetings.
    1. Each SC representative will be a voting member of the DSC
  2. The prime functions of the DSC will be to: 
    1. Provide opportunities for SCs to share matters of philosophy, policies and procedures relative to the educational system; 
    2. Enhance communication among the SCs, the Board, division administration, and the community regarding education matters 
    3. Provide an opportunity for the SCs to collectively provide advice and consider and make recommendations to the Board and the Government of Alberta on educational matters; and 
    4. Share information on current educational developments affecting the system.
  3. An annual organizational meeting of the DSC shall be held in early October of each year.
    1. At the annual organizational meeting, the membership of the DSC shall choose a Chair and other required officers from among the voting members.
  4. The SCs and the Superintendent may forward items to the DSC Chair to include in meeting agendas. The Chair, in cooperation with the Superintendent and Communications Officer, shall establish meeting agendas.
  5. The administrative contact for the DSC shall be the Superintendent.
  6. The Communication Officer will facilitate DSC meeting logistics, prepare agendas for distribution, and assist with communication as required.
  7. At least one of the DSC meeting agendas shall include a presentation of budget information for the Division. To provide SCs with the opportunity for input, this meeting will be scheduled before budget approval by the Board.
  8. Parents are encouraged to participate in and communicate with their SC, so issues can be discussed at the Division level.
  9. Three (3) DSC meetings will be scheduled each year. Dates will be determined through collaboration with the Chair and Superintendent.
  10. School personnel or individual student concerns shall not be discussed at the DSC meetings.
  11. The DSC has the opportunity to be a delegation at a Board meeting in accordance with Board Policy 7: Board Operations.


Section 55, 52, 53, 222, 252 Education Act
Personal Information Protection Act

Approved: November 14, 1995

Amended: April 18, 2002; January 16, 2008; August 21, 2018; July, 2021; May 2022; August 2022