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Administrative Procedure Administrative Procedure 111: DIVISION SCHOOL COUNCIL


The Division supports and encourages the formation of a Division School Council as a means to enhance the communications between the Board and school councils and among school councils.


  1. The prime functions of the Division School Council will be to: 
    1. Provide an opportunity for school councils to share matters of philosophy, policies and procedures relative to the educational system; 
    2. Enhance communication amongst the school councils, the Board and the community; 
    3. Provide an opportunity for the school councils to collectively provide advice, and consider and make recommendations to the Board and the Government of Alberta on educational matters; and 
    4. Share information on current educational developments affecting the system.

  2. Each school council will decide if they wish to have representation on the Division School Council. The representative designated shall be a member of the school council.

  3. The Division School Council will be composed only of those representatives identified by participating school councils.

  4. The Board will meet at least twice yearly with the Division School Council.

  5. Trustee(s) and the Superintendent plan and attend meetings of the Division School Council.

  6. The Division School Council has the opportunity to be a delegation at a Board meeting in accordance with Board Policy 7: Board Operations.


Section 33,52,53,55,197,222,251 Education Act

Board Policy 7: Board Operations


Approved: November 14, 1995

Amended: April 18, 2002; January 16, 2008; August 21, 2018