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Administrative Procedure 132: EMERGENCY SCHOOL CLOSURE


Schools are to remain open as long as possible during periods of inclement weather or when other emergency conditions arise. At all times, however, the safety of the student(s) must be the major consideration in determining whether a school is to be closed or remain open.


  1. The Principal shall assume the responsibility for the safety of the student(s) in each school.

  2. Any decision regarding emergency school closure shall be made in consultation with the Superintendent. However, since safety of the student(s) is the primary consideration in all decisions, if a particular emergency requires immediate action, the Principal is authorized to take such action and then contact the Superintendent as soon as possible.

  3. In the event of extreme cold temperature of -40 C (without wind chill) or lower, school will be cancelled by the Superintendent.

  4. In matters pertaining to weather and road conditions, bus operators may be consulted as advisory personnel to the Transportation Supervisor, and/or the Principal. If a driver feels that weather conditions make his/her route impassable or hazardous to the safety of the student(s), he/she shall be authorized to cancel his/her route run for that day.

  5. Emergency closure may occur for a full school day, or may require early dismissal of student(s). However, experience has proved, that once at school, many times the safest place for a student(s) to be is at the school; therefore, every effort is to be made to retain regular dismissal times. If an emergency requires that all student(s) be sent home early, every effort shall be made to contact the parent(s) before the student(s) is released to go home, or assurance provided that an alternate location is approved and acceptable.

  6. Every effort is to be made to prepare schools to reopen as soon as possible.

  7. Day Closure
    1. The Principal is to contact the Superintendent by 6:30 a.m. if the Principal feels school closure is required for the school.
    2. If the emergency appears wide-spread enough, the Superintendent shall assume responsibility for closing all schools or any number of specific schools in the Division.
    3. The Division will post official information related to school closure on the Division website and Division Facebook page.

  8. Early Dismissal
    1. The Principal shall determine the nature and severity of the emergency and contact the Superintendent if early dismissal is required.
    2. The Principal, or where buses serve several schools, the designated Principal, shall contact the bus driver(s) to request immediate pick-up of student(s).
    3. If the student(s) are in school and the weather is threatening, the Principal shall be authorized to release the student(s) to the appropriate bus driver at the discretion of the driver and with the assurance that no student(s) will be let off the bus until access to his/her residence is assured.
    4. If buses cannot get student(s) home, the Principal shall be prepared to arrange for some alternate overnight housing.

  9. Parental Responsibility
    1. It is the responsibility of the parents to monitor weather conditions and information from the Division relating to potential school closures - and, to keep their children home when schools are closed.


Section 11, 52, 53, 60, 62, 196, 197, 222 Education Act

Employment Standards Code

Occupational Health and Safety Act


Approved: January 10, 1995

Amended: April 6, 2005; January 9, 2018; August 21, 2018, September 5, 2018; July 2021