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Administrative Procedure 162: SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT


The Division recognizes its responsibility to ensure a smoke-free environment and supports the legal restriction on and use of tobacco products and smoking materials, including e-cigarettes (vaping), marijuana, hookah/shisha and smokeless tobacco for the health and welfare of students and staff members and to provide a positive role model for students and staff. The Division, therefore, declares all Division buildings, grounds, Division owned vehicles and school buses smoke-free environments and prohibits the use of any tobacco products or smoking materials by staff and students at all school events.


  1. All Division-owned buildings, grounds, and vehicles shall be smoke-free environments on a twenty-four hour (24-hour) per day, seven (7) days per week basis.
    1. Students, staff, contractors and visitors in Division buildings, on Division grounds, and in Division vehicles are expected to adhere to the Division’s position on the provision of a smoke-free environment.
    2. The proper use of tobacco for Indigenous traditional ceremonial occasions such as gifting to Elders or for the use in smudging, is permitted. The Principal must be informed of the occasion and all Indigenous protocols must be followed.

  2. The diligent implementation and enforcement of this Administrative Procedure shall be the responsibility of all administrators in the Division.
    1. “No Smoking” signs approved by the Operations and Maintenance Supervisor shall be posted in all Division-owned buildings, grounds and vehicles.
    2. At the time of hiring, all new staff members and contractors shall be advised by the responsible officer of this Administrative Procedure.
    3. The Principal shall advise all students and their parents of this Administrative Procedure.
    4. Community groups using school facilities under Administrative Procedure 550 – Use of School Facilities and users of rented or leased space in schools shall be notified by the responsible officer, prior to use, of this Administrative Procedure. Failure to adhere to the requirements of the Administrative Procedure will result in the cancellation of user privileges or the rental/lease agreement.

  3. The Division will be supportive of its students and staff members in their adherence to this Administrative Procedure.


Administrative Procedure 162 Appendix: Smudging/Pipe Ceremonies


Section 52, 53, 197, 204, 222, 225 Education Act
Prevention of Youth Tobacco Use Act
Prevention of Youth Tobacco Use Regulation 13/2003
Tobacco Reduction Act


Approved: August 21, 2018

Amended: February 19, 2019