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Administrative Procedure 550: USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES


The primary purpose of a school building is the education of the student. The Principal has the responsibility to coordinate and monitor the use of the school building in a manner that will assure optimum and effective use of the facility.


  1. In consultation with the school council, the Principal shall determine what school activities shall take priority in the school facilities and as well establish those times that the public may be able to book the building.
  2. The Principal, in consultation with the Superintendent, shall determine what additional activities shall take place in the school. Classification for public use of the building:
    1. Organized town (hamlet) recreational programs including registered church groups as per Joint Use Agreements.
    2. Further education courses that are provided at the request of the council for short term instructional purposes
    3. Private and for-profit organizations.
  3. Fees will be assessed as per the Facility Use Agreement Form (Form 550-1).
  4. No staff or public shall use the school without permission from the Principal.
    1. All parties wishing to book school facilities shall do so through the respective Principal of the school.
    2. The facility shall be booked by an adult and there shall be adult supervision during the activity.
    3. The Facility Use Agreement Form (Form 550-1) shall be completed for all groups using the building.
    4. The Principal is responsible to collect all rental fees at the time of the rental and remit to the Division Office by June 30 (or August 31 if a summer event) for the operations and maintenance budget.
      1. For all special events and extra-curricular functions that occur at times outside of regular custodial shifts, the cost for custodial service shall be the responsibility of the event sponsor.


Facility Use Agreement Form (Form 550-1)


Section 33,51,52,53,68,187,197,222 Education Act

Societies Act


Approved: September 12, 1996

Amended: October 19, 2005; August 21, 2018