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Administrative Procedure 200: ORGANIZATION FOR INSTRUCTION


Once assigned to a specific school by the Superintendent, it shall be the responsibility of the Principal to finalize all details of the teacher assignment at the school.


  1. The Superintendent shall be responsible for presenting to the Board a formula by which Division schools shall be staffed based primarily on student enrolment, but taking into consideration school size, program needs and other pertinent facts.
    1. Proposed formula shall be presented to the Board at the April Board meeting.
  2. Once approved, it shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent to see that each school is staffed annually on the basis of the approved formula.
    1. Staffing assignments for the following school year shall be made based on the projected enrolment of each school as of April 30.
    2. The Superintendent shall meet with each Principal during May and review staff allocations, personnel and needs and through transfer or hiring processes, assign the appropriate number of staff members to each school.
    3. Should the April 30 projected figures prove to be inaccurate when school commences by a margin of twenty more (+20) or twenty fewer (-20) students, the Superintendent shall be authorized to review the staffing allotment of that school and make appropriate adjustments.
  3. The Principal shall be involved in hiring or transferring individuals to maintain the assigned number of staff.
  4. Once the personnel are assigned to the school, the Principal shall work out the specific assignment for each individual staff which shall include:
    1. Subjects/grade levels to be taught;
    2. Preparation time available;
    3. Supervisory responsibilities;
    4. Any other detail required at the discretion of the Principal.
  5. The function of assigning students to classes is the responsibility of the Principal, in consultation with all staff members affected at that instructional level. As much as possible, schools are to have heterogeneous groupings of students.
  6. It is further recognized that there may be a desire to group students in different grades or different courses in the same class.


Section 52, 53, 196, 197, 222 Education Act


Approved: June 10, 2004

Amended: May 31, 2004; August 21, 2018