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Administrative Procedure 201: HUTTERITE COLONY SCHOOLS


Westwind School Division recognizes and respects the wish of Hutterian Brethren Colonies, in the division, to have schools based on each colony. The Division further agrees to furnish all necessary educational services.


  1. There will be a certified teacher at each colony school, however, when enrolment declines to a point where this is not economically viable, the process to initiate a supplemental levy may begin as noted in section below.

  2. The following guidelines will be used to determine staffing for Hutterite Colony Schools in the Division.
    1. All decisions regarding staffing are ultimately the responsibility of the Superintendent. Staffing decisions will normally be made in consultation with the Superintendent and/or designate, Colony Minister, Colony German teacher, and the Colony teacher.
      1. Under ten (10) students – teacher only and no educational assistant.
      2. Ten to twenty-one (10 to 21) students – teacher and half-time educational assistant.
      3. Twenty-two to twenty-nine (22 to 29) students – teacher and full-time educational assistant.
      4. Thirty (30) or more students – add a full-time teacher; reduce educational assistant to half-time.
      5. Severe Special Needs Student – educational assistants as specified by the Division.

  3. The Division shall be responsible for:
    1. Placement and evaluation of teaching staff.
    2. Purchase of teacher supplies and instructional materials.
    3. Installation and monthly rental charges for the school telephone.
    4. Authorization and supervision of curriculum.
    5. Consulting with each Colony on a regular basis to ensure quality education is being provided.
    6. Copy paper used for school purposes

  4. Each Colony shall be responsible for:
    1. Payment for lost or damaged textbooks and/or other school property to be assessed at the rate of replacement cost.
    2. Purchase of student(s) supplies as required by the Division (i.e. scribblers, pencils, pens, crayons, notebooks, etc.).
    3. Grassed playground and playground equipment such as: a slide, swings, monkey bars, etc.
    4. Copy paper used for Colony purposes.
    5. Caretaking and maintenance of the school facility and playground.
    6. Providing storage facilities for school equipment.
    7. Sufficient chalkboards/whiteboards and bulletin boards for the school needs.
    8. Student and teacher desks, tables and chairs.

  5. The following procedures have been established to govern the processes for purchasing, and any reimbursements for purchases at any of the Colony Schools:
    1. Prior to any purchase a purchase order (PO) is to be submitted and approved by the Colony Principal.
    2. Copy paper and as many other supplies as possible (notepads, pencils etc.) are to be purchased in bulk.
    3. Mileage shall not be paid unless prior approval is given by the Colony Principal on the approved form. Distances for mileage claims will be identified on the Division mileage table. In the event that the table does not provide the distances travelled, the Colony Principal in consultation with the Teacher shall determine the distance.
    4. The Colony Principal is responsible to meet with each Colony Teacher and jointly develop a budget for the school year that is then submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer to be used as a reference.
    5. Colony budgets are intended to be for classroom supplies and instructional materials. The Colony Principal in consultation with the Superintendent will determine the appropriateness of school based purchases if there is a question about such.
    6. If the Colony requests the Teacher to purchase student supplies, it is understood that the Colony will be responsible for all associated costs including travel. Student supplies are not to be billed to the Division accounts, but paid for directly by the Colony.
    7. Photocopiers
      1. The purchase of a copier shall be made after a joint consultation between the Division and the Colony, with the Colony assuming the purchaser role.
      2. At the time of purchase, the total cost will include the trade-in value of the old photocopier.
      3. If the Colony chooses to sell the old photocopier at a later date, the Colony will pay the Division one-half (1/2) of the selling price.
      4. The Division shall pay up to one-half (1/2) the cost, to a maximum amount of five thousand dollars ($5.000.00), once every five (5) years.
      5. The Colony shall be the registered owner and negotiate the maintenance contract.
      6. The annual cost of the maintenance and copy costs shall be an evenly shared responsibility between the Colony and the Division.
      7. Where the Colony clearly does not use the school copier for any Colony copying needs, the total cost for the copier shall shift to the Division, at which point the Division shall purchase and maintain the school photocopier

  6. Instruction in the Colony school shall be in harmony with Alberta Education curricular requirements in both time and content.

  7. Theme V (Human Sexuality) will receive an automatic exemption for all Colony students unless the Colony Minister requests its inclusion in the health curriculum.

  8. Alberta Distance Learning (ADLC) materials may be permitted as course outlines, however, the teacher shall be responsible for the marking of all lessons and tests and the monitoring of student progress.

  9. Should a student desire to remain in school for grades 10 through 12, consideration shall be given to placing him/her in the Division alternative program.

  10. All students six (6) years of age or more as of September 1 of the current school year shall attend unless excused under the provisions of section 11 below.

  11. A student may be excused from regular school attendance commencing on his/her fifteenth (15) birthday.

  12. Westwind School Division shall pay an annual rental fee of one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.00) for the use of the Colony owned school buildings and playgrounds.

  13. The building rental payments by the Division shall be paid by December 31 of the current school year. Textbook rental and copier maintenance will be billed separately, but payment will occur by December 31 of the current school year.

  14. All expenditures of school funds must be approved by the Colony Principal.
    1. The Colony teacher will administer the school budget, but requires the approval of the Colony Principal.
      1. Any costs related to acquiring school supplies must be pre-approved by the Colony Principal (i.e. shipping, travel, etc.).
    2. The Colony Principal will consult with the German teacher on a regular basis regarding the school budget. The purpose of this consultation is to keep the Colony informed of educational purchases, but it does not imply a right for the German teacher to make decisions concerning the expenditure of school funds.

  15. The Division shall host an annual meeting with the ministers and German teachers to discuss education programs for Colony students.

  16. If a Colony chooses to withdraw from the Division, it must notify the Division in writing prior to January 31, preceding the school year in which the Colony wants to withdraw.

  17. The Division maintains the right to requisition a supplemental levy in accordance with Alberta Education policy.
    1. Should a supplemental levy be deemed to be necessary, the Colony shall be advised no later than March 31 prior to the beginning of the school year in which the levy shall be charged.

Legal Reference:

Section 3, 4, 7, 11, 16, 18, 32, 33, 52, 53, 196, 197, 222 Education Act

Approved: November 6, 2003

Amended: November 20, 2014; January 9, 2018; August 21, 2018; October 2, 2019