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Administrative Procedure Administrative Procedure 210: KINDERGARTEN


The Kindergarten program provides a solid foundation for the education of students and the Division will assure access to a program in the Division by all eligible students.


  1. The Division may provide at minimum the recommended program as funded by Alberta Education to all eligible students in the Division.
  2. In order to provide a Kindergarten program, the Division may:
    1. Require students to attend a program in another nearby school; or
    2. Combine Kindergarten with the grade one (1) program in the school.
  3. Each Principal shall hold a spring meeting of the parent(s) of students eligible for Kindergarten to:
    1. Outline the Division program to be offered in the fall;
    2. Obtain registration of those interested in the program.
  4. Each Principal is authorized to establish and announce at the spring meeting a Kindergarten fee which shall cover supplemental local costs associated with the program.
  5. The Division may assess a fee for all students attending Kindergarten.
    1. The divisional fee for kindergarten students is $60.


Administrative Procedure 210: Appendix: Early Childhood Program Eligibility


Section 3,21,32,41,52,53,197,222 Education Act

Early Childhood Regulation 31/2002

Funding Manual for School Authorities

Guide to Education ECS to Grade 12

Standards for Special Education

Standards for the Provision of Early Childhood Special Education

Kindergarten Program Statement


Approved: March 12, 1996

Amended: November 3, 2009; August 21, 2018