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Administrative Procedure 251: LIBRARY MATERIALS SELECTION


Under the direction of the Superintendent, the school library committee will develop the criteria for the selection of library materials to assure all materials obtained for libraries, enrich and support the education program and literacy goals of schools.


  1. Library learning materials may be selected by the librarian and/or through consultation with the school library committee, and are subject to approval by the Principal.
  2. Reputable, unbiased, professionally prepared selection aids shall be used by guides when selecting materials.
  3. Additional selections may result from firsthand knowledge of materials gained from visits to book exhibits, publisher samples, inter-library loans, texts and approved courses of studies used in the schools.
  4. Opportunities to review and purchase library materials shall be provided, by the Division, twice per year.
  5. Classroom library collections available to students shall follow this selection process.
  6. Each Principal shall establish priorities to guide the selection of materials to assure a balanced collection. These priorities may include the following:
    1. Is the material or resource needed by this school?
    2. Is it among the best of its kind available?
    3. Does it help to implement or enrich the program of studies?
    4. Is the content, vocabulary and format suitable for the student?
    5. Does it appear on one (1) or more approved lists or in a reviewing media?
    6. Has some member of the staff read and/or examined the material/resource and recommended the title for purchase?
    7. Does it promote improved literacy skills or development in students?
    8. Does it contribute to a balanced collection?
    9. Does the value justify the cost?


Section 18, 52, 53, 196, 197, 222 Education Act
Guide to Education: ECS to Grade 12


Approved: November 6, 2003

Amended: September 29, 2003; January 9, 2018; August 21, 2018