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Administrative Procedure 256: Appendix: Service Dogs for Students with Diverse Needs: Principal Checklist

This checklist is to assist the Principal in preparing for a Service Dog to accompany a student at school.


_______ Parents have requested the use of a service dog in writing and included reasons, descriptions of activity and duration of intervention.


_______ Parents have provided a letter from a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons confirming the diagnosis as well as the recommendation of the Service Animal.


_______ Copies of the parent request and the medical diagnosis have been placed in the Student Cumulative File.


_______ The parents have been informed that the provision of the Service Animal is the financial responsibility of the parent.


_______ The parent has been informed that the maintenance of the Service Animal, including bio breaks, clean-up and other care, as required, is the responsibility of the parent or mutually agreed upon arrangements.


_______ The parent has met with the Principal to discuss the potential impact of the Service Animal on the school community.


_______ The Principal has consulted with the Superintendent prior to granting permission.


_______ The Principal has communicated with the school community to ensure that parents know a Service Animal will be present in the school.


_______ A specific letter has been sent to the parents of students who will be in any of the classes that the animal will possibly be present in case of allergies, anxieties or other concerns.


_______ Parents have provided evidence of adequate insurance.

Approved: March 11, 2019