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The Division recognizes that educational travel may benefit and enhance student(s) education. However, due to the additional individual cost for such activities, the Division recognizes them as optional programs. Travel outside of Alberta will generally be considered under this Administrative Procedure.


  1. Proposed educational travel is to take into consideration the resources available in the school and the community.
  2. The Division prefers that education travel be conducted through a recognized professional tour company.
  3. Every effort is to be made to eliminate the need to miss school.
  4. Trips are to enhance the curriculum, and where appropriate procedures are met, special project credit may be granted.
  5. All applications for trips shall be made by the Principal through the Superintendent to the Board at least six (6) months prior to the trip and before any formal advertising is done or student applications are taken.
  6. Applications will be made in advance of the trip, as noted in section 5 above, and approval in principle will be sought from the Board.
    1. Once approval in principle has been received (letter from the Superintendent), principals can meet with students and make plans for the trip.
    2. An International Travel Informed Consent form (Form 260-1) and a Parent Information Letter (Form 261-2) will be sent home.
    3. Students must return the completed waiver form prior to participation.
    4. Board approval for the trip must be received four (4) months prior to departure.
  7. Applications for final approval shall include:
    1. A “Parent Information Letter” with the itinerary of trip, including dates and places.
    2. The list of the participants in the proposed trip (distributed to all participants and the Board).
      1. Any participant who is not a Division student or employee is required to provide a vulnerable sector check.
    3. Demonstration that consideration of the ASBIE insurance manual procedures have been addressed regarding the itinerary and potential high-risk activities.
    4. Cost of the trip.
    5. Identification of school days missed.
  8. Where feasible, requests should be made to the Tour Company to combine school groups into groups of thirty-five (35) for air travel consideration.
  9. Only Board-approved trips shall be eligible for coverage under the Board liability insurance plan, but the Division will assume no other responsibilities for expenses, planning or transportation.
  10. Students and parents wishing to participate in Educational Travel will review and sign the Parent Information Letter and the “Parental and student consent /waiver form” which includes their acknowledgement that they have read and agree to this Administrative Procedure prior to enrolling in the trip.
  11. Where teachers are involved the following shall be noted:
    1. If appointed as an official chaperone,
      1. The Board will not subtract the cost of a sub for emergency, last-minute schedule changes resulting in the loss of the school day,
      2. The Board will deduct the cost of a sub for all pre-planned days absent from school, unless covered by a clause in the collective agreement or policy.
    2. If accompanying the group as a paying group member, then the teacher shall be deducted 1/200 of salary unless covered by collective agreement or Administrative Procedure.
  12. Based upon the level of risk and potential liability associated with student travel outside Alberta, the Board reserves the right to withdraw Board approval for such travel at any time. Further, the Board will not be responsible for compensating parents, students or staff for any costs associated with the withdrawal of approval.
  13. If Board approval is withdrawn, the trip becomes a private function and no longer has any ties to the Division. If Board approval is withdrawn, the Division will direct any and all employees not to participate.
  14. It is the responsibility of the parent or individual to obtain any additional insurance (including, but not limited to health care, trip cancellation, property or personal effects insurance, accidental death, disability or dismemberment of medical expense insurance) on behalf of their child.
  15. The Division will not be responsible for paying medical expenses for any employee, student, or chaperone that is travelling.
    1. All people involved in travel outside the province of Alberta are required to have to have a five million dollar ($5,000,000) emergency medical insurance policy that will cover them during their entire planned itinerary.
    2. The Division also recommends the addition of a few extra days to the insurance policy for any unforeseen travel delays.
  16. Groups may be requested to report back to the Board after the trip.


Acknowledgement of Risk and Informed Consent Form (Form 261-1)

Parent Information Letter (Form 261-2)


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Guide to Education ECS to Grade 12

Safety Guidelines for Physical Activity in Alberta Schools

Safety Guidelines for Secondary Inter-School Athletics in Alberta

Physical Education Safety Guidelines


Approved: January 22, 2004

Amended: November 24, 2003; August 21, 2018