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Administrative Procedure 301: ADMISSION OF NON-RESIDENT STUDENTS


As a publicly funded school jurisdiction, the Division has a provincial mandate to offer programs to its resident students. Based on the requirements of the Education Act, the Division will admit non-resident students who apply, if there are sufficient resources and facilities available to accommodate them.

According to the Education Act Section 4 (1), “A student is a resident of the board of the school division in which the student’s parent resides.”

Non-resident students are categorized in five ways:

  1. Students residing in Alberta outside the Division boundaries (provincially funded);
  2. Students residing outside of Alberta or International students (tuition required);
  3. Treaty Indians (as per Federal Government guidelines) resident on reservations - Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (federally funded);
  4. Resident students of Alberta domiciled in institutions, public or private (provincially funded);
  5. Students whose parents/legal guardians reside in other school districts where equivalent educational opportunities are not available and the Board of the other division/district has authorized the attendance of the students in our district (tuition agreement).

Each of these categories has specific admission requirements as outlined in this administrative procedure.


  1. The first priority shall be given to providing education to those students who are resident students attending schools to which the Division has assigned them.
  2. The Division will respect and honour all official agreements drawn up between school authorities in relationship to the contracted obligation to educate non-resident students.
  3. If space and resources permit, the Superintendent shall admit non-resident student(s) into its schools except for the following:
    1. Students requiring excessive special education consideration,
    2. Students who have been expelled from the Division or other school authorities,
    3. Students who in the past have not respected the rules and procedures of the Division or Division schools.
  4. The Division shall assume no responsibility to transport non-resident students to or from school. Any exception will require Board approval.
  5. All non-resident students will be subject to the same rules, fees, policies, and procedures as regular students and failure to abide by them may result in permanent expulsion from the Division schools.
  6. The Division reserves the right to collect all government fees associated with the non-resident students.
  7. Any non-resident students desiring to commence attending a Division school shall apply to the Principal of that school before the school commencement date in the fall.
  8. The Principal shall ascertain the student’s eligibility as per section 2 above and if in doubt, shall confer with the Superintendent before making a decision.
  9. Wherever possible, admission of non-resident students shall be limited to the commencement of the school year or of a semester.


Section 3,4,11,12,13,33,43,52,53,197,204,222 Education Act

Section 23 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms


Approved: April 15, 1996

Amended: November 13, 2000; August 21, 2018; October 2019