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Administrative Procedure Administrative Procedure 302: ADMISSION OF FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS


The Division recognizes the educational and cultural advantage of having exchange students in its schools, but does not believe the primary purpose of schooling is to provide an education for exchange students. Therefore exchange student(s) will be admitted in strict compliance with the following procedures.


  1. The Principal, in consultation with the Superintendent, shall determine the number of exchange students that shall be accepted in the school without unduly jeopardizing the education of the resident students.

  2. Exchange students shall be expected to pay any locally assessed school fees.

  3. Notwithstanding section 2, if an exchange student is matched with a reciprocal local exchange student, the grant for the local student may be used for that exchange student.

  4. Exchange students shall not be used in Principal’s Budget or Student-Teacher Ratio calculations.


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Approved: April 15, 1996

Amended: October 11, 2001; August 21, 2018