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Administrative Procedure 303: ADMISSION OF ADULT STUDENTS


The Division recognizes the right of all students to have access to a free educational program until the age of eighteen (18), effective September 1 of the school year involved. Other adult students will be subject to the following procedures.


  1. Students who are nineteen (19) years of age on September 1 of the involved school year may be admitted to school, subject to acceptance by the Principal, after consulting with the Superintendent.
  2. A student who is twenty (20) years of age or older on September 1 of the involved school year shall not be eligible for school enrolment unless:
    1. The Principal of the school is prepared to accept the student, and
    2. The student is prepared to pay a tuition fee equal to the credit unit grant for each credit taken while enrolled at the school.
  3. Adult students are encouraged to pursue further studies through programs such as G.E.D., Upgrading, and Community Adult Learning.
  4. The Principal shall, before accepting any adult student, consider carefully:
    1. Class size,
    2. Teacher preference,
    3. The student’s attitude and aptitude,
    4. The potential influence the student might have on the regular student body.
  5. All adult registrations shall be on a semester basis and continuation will depend largely upon a review of the items in section 4. 


Section 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 16, 21, 52, 53, 197, 222 Education Act
Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act


Approved: May 15, 1995

Amended: November 13, 2000; August 21, 2018