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Administrative Procedure 306: INTRA-DIVISION STUDENT TRANSFERS


The Division reserves its right under the Education Act to assign students to attend a specific school. Only where adequate resources and facilities permit and application is made through appropriate channels will the Division consider enrolling students in another Division school other than the one to which they are assigned.


  1. In all cases, communication between the principals of the sending and receiving schools is required to affect a student transfer between Division schools.
  2. If there is not complete agreement between the principals in section 1 above, the applications for transferring to a school other than the assigned school shall be directed to the Superintendent by the parent(s) or an independent student(s) and shall contain:
    1. The name of the school the student(s) wishes to attend,
    2. The reasons for making the request,
    3. Any special considerations/programs/resources and extra-curricular the student(s) expects to receive at the new school that the former school could not provide.
  3. The Superintendent shall consult both the “sending” Principal and the “receiving” Principal before a decision is reached.
  4. The Division will assume no responsibility for the transportation of the student(s) to the alternate location if approved as follows.
    1. In exceptional circumstances, the Division will consider providing busing to students living outside an attendance boundary, including non-resident students.
    2. A written parental application for a student to be bussed outside the attendance boundary must be received by the Division.
      1. A busing fee of two hundred dollars ($350.00) per student/family must accompany the application. Should the application be denied, the fee will be refunded.
    3. The student will get on the bus at a pick-up point already in place on the established bus route.
    4. There must be sufficient space on the bus to accommodate the requesting student.
    5. Final approval is given by the Superintendent.
  5. Division resident students shall take precedence over out-of-Division non-resident students when attendance requests are reviewed.


Section 4, 7, 11, 21, 52, 53, 59, 197, 222  Education Act


Approved: May 18, 2005

Amended: June 22, 2005; January 9, 2018; August 21, 2018; May 2020