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Administrative Procedure Administrative Procedure 353: SEARCHES BY SCHOOL AUTHORITIES


The Division reserves the right to search all school facilities including lockers and desks assigned to students for their own use, in harmony with any legal requirement. In addition, personal items such as backpacks, purses, coats, etc. may also be searched.


  1. The Principal has the authority to search any school facility including student lockers, desks, and personal items should a probable cause or need exist.

  2. The Principal shall inform the students of this Administrative Procedure and a copy of this procedure will be sent home for parent/student signature.

  3. Principals shall attempt at all times to ensure the student's right to privacy.

  4. At least one (1) administrator and one (1) other adult shall be present during any search.



Administrative Procedure 353 Appendix: Narcotics Detection Dogs


Section 11,33,52,53,197,222 Education Act

Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act

Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

Youth Criminal Justice Act

Criminal Code (Canada)


Approved: June 10, 2004

Amended: May 31, 2004; August 21, 2018