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From time to time it may be necessary for students to be interviewed or searched by other community agents, however at no time is this to infringe upon the rights of the student(s) or the delegated responsibility of the school towards the student(s).


  1. Whenever possible, arrangements are to be made to have all interviews or searches by external personnel conducted outside of school hours and off school premises.
  2. Students shall be released for interview or search to external personnel who have identified themselves as being duly authorized.
    1. Police officers
      1. If a police interview is required, the Principal may inform the student of:
        1. The right not to say anything.
        2. The right to have a parent or staff member present.
        3. The right to have counsel retained.
    2. Children’s services case worker
      1. If a children’s services case worker interview is required:
        1. The Principal will be provided with the reason for interviewing at the school.
        2. The Principal will be informed of the nature of the investigation on a “need to know” basis.
      2. If the child requests the support of a school staff member during the interview, the Principal will determine with the case worker, whether or not to have school personnel present. The case worker has the authority to make the decision.
      3. The Principal will request the plan of action from the case worker.
      4. If the Principal receives an inquiry from the parent, the Principal will refer the parent to the case worker, giving only the case workers name and phone number.


Section 11, 52, 53, 197, 222 Education Act
Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act
Children First Act
Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
Youth Criminal Justice Act
Criminal Code (Canada)

Approved: June 11, 1996

Amended: February 23, 2005; August 21, 2018