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Administrative Procedure 361: STUDENT PROMOTION/RETENTION


Student promotion/retention shall be determined after careful consideration of many factors and a decision arrived at with the long-range welfare of the student as the main priority.


  1. The ultimate decision as to the retention of a student rests with the Principal and the teacher, however, such decision shall not be made without written parental consent.
  2. Factors to be considered in the promotion/retention of any student include:
    1. Academic achievement and skill;
    2. Age;
    3. Social adjustment;
    4. Health;
    5. General intelligence;
    6. Attendance.
  3. Promotion and retention of students will be based on information gained from:
    1. Achievement on regular assignments and projects;
    2. Teacher classroom assessment and observations;
    3. Parent interviews;
    4. Developmental delays
  4. In matters of retention, research has not demonstrated that it is an effective remedial strategy.
  5. Any recommendation for student acceleration must be approved by the Principal, with written parental consent.
  6. In the case of a student failing to apply him/herself in a reasonable manner, steps shall be taken to frequently counsel the student with regard to his/her academic performance, attitude and behaviour and to modify the program as necessary and possible to meet their abilities.
  7. In cases where the student is clearly unable to handle the regular school program, the student shall be considered for specialized programming and appropriate early interventions (Administrative Procedure 213: Inclusive Education) as soon as the problem becomes apparent.


Section 4,7,11,21,32,33,41,52,53,59,197,222 Education Act

Guide to Education ECS to Grade 12


Approved: January 9, 1996

Amended: January 24, 2000; April 3, 2000; August 21, 2018