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Administrative Procedure Administrative Procedure 407: EMPLOYEE AND FAMILY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM


The Division believes in promoting and assisting in maintaining the well-being of Division staff. To this end, it will support the provision of an Employee and Family Assistance Program, which includes consultation, wellness seminars, counselling and referral services.


  1. All employees who are participants in the health care insurance plans provided by the Alberta School Employment Benefit Plan (ASEBP) are eligible to receive services under the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) contracted by the Division.
  2. The Division will contract the services of a third party to provide an EFAP.
  3. The Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources is responsible for the coordination, promotion, monitoring and evaluation of the Employee and Family Assistance Program.
  4. To ensure confidentiality, the contracted outside service provider will invoice ASEBP directly for staff/dependents having such insurance coverage and accessing the program.
  5. Statistical information will be provided by the service provider in coded form to ensure confidentiality.
  6. The Superintendent will provide information reports annually to the Board on operations, monitoring, and evaluation of the Employee and Family Assistance Program.


Section 33,52,53,68,197,204,222,225 Education Act

Employment Standards Act

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act


Approved: August 21, 2018