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Administrative Procedure 420: ROLE OF TEACHERS


Teachers employed within the Division are primarily charged with maximizing student learning through their work in collaborative teams in a defined, disciplined process.


  1. At all times, the dignity, safety, and well-being of the student shall be the priority consideration. It is expected that mutual respect and understanding shall exist between student and teacher.
  2. Parents are an important partner in student learning and teachers will engage with them in the best interest of students.
  3. Teachers shall in their practice demonstrate:
    1. Knowledge and application of the current curriculum and learning outcomes.
    2. The application of current research-based lesson design and pedagogy.
    3. The understanding and use of a variety of high yield instructional and intervention strategies.
    4. A positive educational environment that is inclusive of all learners.
    5. A variety of on-going research/evidence-based formative assessments of student learning to inform daily instruction.
    6. The use of research/evidence-based summative assessments in evaluating student performance.
    7. Shall use appropriate social media as per Administrative Procedure 140 – Technology Acceptable Use and Administrative Procedure 146 – Responsible Use of Electronic Social Media.
    8. Support for Division and school-based initiatives.
  4. The teacher shall be involved as a member of a school staff by:
    1. Attending all staff meetings and committee assignments.
    2. Collaborating with colleagues to achieve educational goals and in fulfilling requirements as outlined by Board policy and administrative procedures.
    3. Accepting responsibility for supervision of students both as assigned and required at the school and school events.
    4. Contributing to the whole school experience for students.
  5. Teachers shall demonstrate professionalism by:
    1. Arriving at least 15 minutes before the school day and staying at least 15 minutes after to provide supervision and or support to students.
    2. Demonstrating to student(s) a conduct, appearance and vocabulary that inspires respect from all and adheres to staff and school procedures.
    3. Actively participating in in-service and professional development opportunities to ensure alignment with current research on teaching and learning, so that instructional techniques and effective utilization of technology are aligned with provincial, division and school expectations/goals.
    4. Developing appropriate relationships with students, parents, colleagues and other stakeholders.
    5. Treating all staff members with respect regardless of their position or assignment.
    6. Being available/accessible to students to meet the learning needs of students


Section 18,33,52,53,196,197,205,222 Education Act

Teaching Profession Act

Ministerial Order 001/2013 – Student Learning

Ministerial Order 016/97 – Teaching Quality Standard

Guide to Education – ECS to Grade 12

Collective Agreement


Approved: November 14, 1995

Amended: May 3, 1999; June 26, 2017; August 21, 2018