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Administrative Procedure 421: COLONY SCHOOL STAFF


The Division recognizes the important and varied role that teachers play in every Division school and classroom. Furthermore, the Division recognizes the day-to-day operation of schools located on Hutterite colonies must, by necessity, be primarily carried out by the teacher(s) on- site, who must deal with issues that require a close, day-to-day, working relationship with parents and colony leaders, (i.e. the German Teacher, Minister(s) with a colony-specific understanding of their ways and beliefs. The Superintendent, further, shall provide for the administration of colony schools by appointing an individual(s) with responsibility to oversee the operation of colony schools and fill the dual role of Principal and as the Superintendent’s designate for colony education.


  1. Where there is more than one (1) teacher assigned to a colony school, assigned teachers duties shall be discharged as mutually agreed between the teachers and the Colony Principal.
  2. The role of the colony teacher includes all requirements outlined in Administrative Procedure 420 – Role of Teacher and legislation for the role of teacher, and, additionally includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    1. Purchasing supplies and processing purchase orders for submission to Division Office.
    2. Miscellaneous duties including, but not limited to, mail processing and report generation.
    3. Purchasing and processing books, maintaining a school library and arranging for inter-library loans.
    4. Administering and processing provincial achievement tests/student learning assessments.
    5. Completing administrative duties related to school start-up and year end.
    6. Ensuring appropriate student discipline, in keeping with teachers’ responsibilities under the Alberta Teachers’ Association’s Code of Professional Conduct and Division administrative procedures;
      1. May suspend a student for a maximum of one (1) class period;
      2. Where a suspension of more than one (1) day is desired, approval from the Colony Principal is required.
    7. Working with the Colony Principal, colony leaders, and parents to maintain healthy working relationships and to appropriately address the school needs and developing plans and programs for students.
    8. Ensuring that requirements for fire drills and lockdowns are met and shall keep a record of the same for review with the Colony Principal, as requested.
    9. Developing a school timetable and schedule, based on the Guide to Education and Division administrative procedures, to be approved by the Colony Principal.
    10. Determining and directing the work of all educational assistants assigned to work in the colony school, as well as contribute to the evaluation of all educational assistants that work under their direction.
    11. Participating in the hiring of educational assistants for the school and be consulted relative to EA transfers.
    12. Arranging for substitutes, as required, when Colony school staff are absent from work the completing necessary reports for submission to Division Office.
    13. Attending regular Hutterite Education Committee (HEC) meetings, as scheduled.
    14. Ensuring the cleanliness of the school and advise the colony relative to needed repairs to the school building.
    15. Assuming other duties as assigned by the Colony Principal.
  3. A colony teacher shall be appointed to serve as chair of the HEC and attend Division principals’ meetings, to provide an additional voice and leadership for colony teachers.
  4. The role of the Colony Principal, responsible for colony education, includes, but is not limited to the following:
    1. Preparation and processing of the annual budget for colony education; then monitoring school budgets, and approving all purchase orders.
    2. Meeting regularly with school staff, colony leaders (i.e. German Teacher and Ministers) on site and at an annual general meeting; regarding Alberta Education regulations for public reporting, school operations, student achievement, and other relevant topics.
    3. Prepare a common colony calendar and approve each school timetable/schedule, to be developed and submitted by the teacher prior to the first day of school.
    4. Prepare appropriate reports for Alberta Education and the Superintendent.
    5. Provide educational leadership and direction for colony teachers, by:
      1. Supervising and evaluating teachers and educational assistants, and;
      2. Overseeing the recruitment, assignment and transfer of staff, as needed.
    6. Work with new Colonies to facilitate the establishment of a school.
    7. Access resources to support school program plans and school operations.
    8. Conduct Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) inspections, as required.
    9. Approve Hutterite colony professional development activities for colony teachers as recommended by the Hutterite Educators’ PD Committee.
    10. Approve all leave days for Colony school staff as required by the collective agreement;
      1. The hiring of daily substitutes shall be the responsibly of the Colony teacher.
    11. Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.


Section 18,33,52,53,196,197,205,222 Education Act

Teaching Profession Act

Ministerial Order 001/2013 – Student Learning

Ministerial Order 016/97 – Teaching Quality Standard

Guide to Education – ECS to Grade 12

Collective Agreement


Approved: December 2, 2014

Reviewed: June 2019