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Administrative Procedure 427: CERTIFICATED STAFF – LEAVE OF ABSENCE


Certificated staff requests for leaves of absence are determined according to the terms outlined in the collective agreement. However, circumstances may require time beyond the amount granted in the collective agreement. The Superintendent will review any requests and act upon them at its discretion.


  1. The Board will honour all terms of the collective agreement.
    1. Friday is considered to be a “full day” for teachers.

  2. The Superintendent may approve or deny requests for extension of granted leaves of absence at his/her discretion.

  3. Leaves of absence not included in the collective agreement may be considered, but would reflect the following situations:
    1. If granted, the leave would be with neither pay nor Division contribution to the benefit package,
    2. All applicable leaves of absence outlined in the collective agreement have already been exhausted prior to the commencement of special leave.

  4. All requests, for extended leave, shall be submitted to the Superintendent by April 1 of the year preceding the requested leave, or as early as possible if they become emergent during the school year.

  5. Those employees returning from a leave of absence shall provide in writing to the Superintendent by April 1, their intentions at the conclusion of their leave.

  6. All other “leaves” shall be subject to terms as outlined in the collective agreement.


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Collective Agreements


Approved: June 11, 1996

Amended: May 4, 2010; June 3, 2015; August 21, 2018