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Administrative Procedure 428: HUTTERITE EDUCATION COMMITTEE


The Division recognizes the need for staff assigned to Hutterite colonies to meet, as a staff with the Colony Principal, in order to organize, communicate, plan and collaborate on matters pertaining to education at Colony schools.


  1. The Hutterite Education Committee is to be chaired by the Division Colony Principal and consists of all Hutterite Colony school staff from Hutterite Colony Schools located the Division, and;
    1. Educational assistants will only attend as required by the Division Colony Principal.
    2. Invited guests.
      1. The Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources is an ex officio member of the committee.
  2. Hutterite Education Committee meetings will be scheduled at least seven (7) times per school year.
  3. All Colony teachers shall attend unless excused by the Division Colony Principal.
  4. Time is to be allocated, under the direction of the Principal, for staff development at each of these meetings.
  5. Colony staff members are required to attend the Hutterite Education Committee Meeting as directed by the Division Colony Principal. Where possible, car-pooling is to be an important consideration and is encouraged.
  6. Colony staff required to attend a Hutterite Education Committee Meeting are eligible to be reimbursed for travel expenses at the rate of reimbursement per kilometre travelled for Division employees as determined by Administrative Procedure 513.
  7. Travel expenses shall be the return distance from the committee member's residence and the Hutterite Education Committee meeting site, except where the staff member begins the day at their assigned school, in which case travel expenses is the return distance to the school.


Administrative Procedure 428 Appendix: Professional Development - Hutterite Teachers


Section 3, 18, 20, 60, 61, 96, 113, 116, 117 School Act


Approved: December 11, 1997

Amended: March 7, 2017; January 9, 2018; August 21, 2018