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Administrative Procedure 428: Appendix: Professional Development - Hutterite Teachers


The Division recognizes the need for Hutterite Colony teachers to be involved in professional development activities common to Colony educators.


  1. All Colony teachers are encouraged to participate in professional development activities as outlined in Administrative Procedure 424.
  2. In addition to Administrative Procedure 424, Colony teachers will be allowed to attend a conference sponsored by the Alberta Colony Educators (ACE Conference) every second year.
  3. In the years opposite the Alberta Colony Educators Conference, the International Colony Educators host an International Conference and Division Colony teachers are encouraged to attend as approved by the direct central office supervisor for Hutterite education, on a rotational basis.
  4. Substitute costs will be paid by the Division for all Colony teachers attending the biennial Alberta Colony Educators Conference, and for up to ten (10) teachers to attend the biennial International Colony Educators Conference. 
    1. Reasonable registration costs may be allocated as approved by the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. 
    2. All other convention expenses are to be paid through the teachers’ professional development fund as outlined in Administrative Procedure 424.
  5. Permission to attend the Alberta Colony Educators or the International Colony Educators Conference is granted by the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.
  6. Subject to clause 5, the Colony Professional Development Committee, after consultation with the Colony teachers in their monthly meeting, shall make a recommendation on the registrants and expense allocation for both Alberta Colony Educators and International Colony Educators Conference.


Section 3, 18, 20, 60, 61, 96, 113, 116, 117 School Act


Approved: December 11, 1997

Amended: February 26, 1998; February 2, 2010; August 21, 2018