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Administrative Procedure 443: Appendix B: Maintenance Staff Development


The Division recognizes the importance of increasing staff skills in areas of school maintenance. The Division will in harmony with the following procedures assist the maintenance staff to develop skills through workshops and training courses that will be mutually beneficial.


  1. Staff development may come through:
    1. Workshops/conventions/short term training;
    2. Journeyman program /or other extended training.
  2. The Director of Operations and Maintenance shall be responsible to make all recommendations in regards to staff development to the Deputy Superintendent for approval.
  3. Workshops/Conventions/Short term Training Session
    1. The staff member shall address his/her request for attendance to the Director of Operations and Maintenance at least three (3) months before session.
    2. Notwithstanding clause 3.1, the Director may recommend that a staff member attend a session.
    3. The Director shall meet with the Deputy Superintendent to obtain permission and financial assistance for employee attendance.
  4. Journeyman Program /or Other Extended Training
    1. The staff member or the Director may initiate request for extended training at least three (3) months prior to commencement of training.
    2. The Director of Operations and Maintenance will present the employee's request to the Deputy Superintendent, and include in the request the following:
      1. Division need for the training,
      2. Length of training program,
      3. Resulting staff adjustments required for duration of training,
      4. Financial implications to the division in terms of:
        1. Extra staff resulting from clause 4.2.3 above
        2. Increased salary resulting from training program.
    3. Division shall reimburse only for the initial program - any extended time (repeat of test, etc.) shall be at the employee's expense.
    4. Employee shall commit to continue employment with the Division for at least three (3) years following completion of the program. For each year less than three (3) years of employment, compensation for the Division’s costs may be required.


Section 18, 20, 60, 61, 113, 116, 117 School Act

Employment Standards Code

Labour Relations Code


Approved: April 10, 2003

Amended: June 1, 2010; August 21, 2018