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Administrative Procedure 446: SCHOOL BUS OPERATOR CREDENTIALS


The Division believes that a safe student transportation system requires qualified and safety-oriented school bus operators.


  1. The credentials for school bus operators in the Division will be identified. 
    1. The minimum credentials for an operator to drive a school bus for the Division on a permanent basis shall be the Division Operator Authorization. 
    2. The Transportation Supervisor shall approve an operator as a Division bus operator, pending completion of the Division Operator Authorization requirements. 
    3. The minimum requirements shall be: 
      1. The possession of a valid Class I or Class II Alberta Operator’s License; and, 
      2. The possession of a valid “S” Endorsement Certificate. The driven and walk-around portion of the “S” Endorsement Course shall be completed before driving a school bus with children and the classroom portion shall be completed within twelve (12) calendar weeks from the driver’s start date. 
    4. All bus operators in the Division shall be approved by the Transportation Supervisor. 
    5. A Division Operator Authorization will be issued by the Transportation Supervisor if an operator satisfies the following criteria: 
      1. Possession of a valid Class II Alberta Operator’s License; 
      2. Possession of a valid “S” Endorsement Certificate; 
      3. Possession of a valid First Aid Certificate; and
      4. Provision of an Alberta Driver’s Abstract indicating that the operator has fewer than eight (8) demerit points.
      5. Completed Vulnerable Sector Check and Child Intervention Record Check.
    6. The Division Operator Authorization may be revoked by the Transportation Supervisor if the Authorization criteria are not maintained. 
    7. In the event that an operator is involved in an accident while operating a school bus, the Transportation Supervisor may require that the operator attend a defensive driving course. 

  2. Regular upgrading and training programs will be provided for Division bus operators to ensure high skill levels and safety awareness.

    The Transportation Supervisor will arrange for regular offerings of the courses required for the Division Operator Authorization.


Section 11,33,52,53,59,59.1,68,197,222,225 Education Act

Traffic Safety Act 

Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation 121/2009 

Student Transportation Regulation 250/98 (Amended A.R. 125/2005) 

Use of Highway and Rules of the Road Regulation 304/2002 

Vehicle Equipment Regulation 122/2009


Approved: August 21, 2018

Last Reviewed: July 2021