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Administrative Procedure Administrative Procedure 490: VOLUNTEER PERSONNEL


A valuable contribution to education can be made by volunteers. Under the direction of the Principal of the school, the Division encourages the use of such individuals.


  1. The Principal shall have a method of approving all volunteers in the school. This may include a current criminal record check and a child intervention record check where deemed necessary due to the nature of the activity or Principal`s/school’s familiarity with the volunteer.
    1. A criminal record and child intervention record check shall be considered current if it has been obtained within the last three (3) years. 
    2. When a volunteer has provided current checks and remains an annual volunteer in the Division, the checks shall be deemed to be current.
    3. In the event of the change in a criminal record check the onus is on the individual to inform the school immediately.
    4. Documentation shall be maintained at the school.

  2. Consent will be obtained:
    1. From a teacher before a volunteer is assigned
    2. From a parent if the volunteer is working with an individual student.

  3. It is expected that all volunteers will:
    1. Observe all school procedures,
    2. Keep all school and student(s) matters in confidence,
    3. Recognize and respect the authority of the teacher,

  4. Work directly under the supervision of the Principal or teacher.

  5. While specifics of assignments shall be the responsibility of the Principal, the following procedures are to be observed:
    1. A volunteer may:
      1. Give instructional support,
      2. Do clerical tasks, AV materials, activities,
      3. Use talents/hobbies as information base for class.
    2. A volunteer shall not:
      1. Diagnose educational needs of student(s),
      2. Prescribe remediation,
      3. Evaluate instructional results,
      4. Be responsible for instruction.

  6. Volunteers shall be considered agents of the Division for school insurance purposes.

  7. Each teacher shall keep on file a written outline of any volunteer's duties and make such outline available to the Principal, the Superintendent or a designated officer of Alberta Teachers’ Association (A.T.A.) upon request.


Section 11,33,52,53,196,197,222,256 Education Act

Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act


Approved: June 11, 1996

Amended: June 11, 2011; August 21, 2018