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Students benefit from opportunities to be involved in extracurricular activities. Division teachers are the preferred choice to lead such activities; however, the use of adult volunteers as supervisors and coaches may be a necessary alternative to allow such activities to proceed. 


  1. Parents or community members may lead/supervise extracurricular activities, but only under the supervision of the Principal. 
  2. Ensuring welcoming, caring, respectful and safe environments for students must be the primary consideration in the selection and use of volunteers to assist with extracurricular activities, in accordance with Board policy, and administrative and school procedures. 
  3. Principals shall be responsible for the selection and approval of volunteers, the establishment of roles and responsibilities, supervision, and maintenance of ongoing communication between the school and the volunteer. 
  4. Extracurricular activities involve varying levels of risk. As a result, a volunteer screening procedure must be in place to ensure that volunteers are suitable to be working with students and have the appropriate skills necessary to undertake the proposed activity. 
  5. All volunteer coaches and supervisors shall complete the Volunteer Registration Form (Form 490-1). Such forms shall be kept on file at the school, and be updated annually, or as necessary. 
  6. Volunteer coaches and supervisors must sign and return the Coaches Code of Conduct.
  7. Volunteer coaches and supervisors must complete training assigned by the school. 
  8. For purposes of screening and selection of volunteer supervisors/coaches, the Principal or designate shall interview prospective volunteers, conduct reference checks where appropriate, and require the successful applicant to provide a Criminal Record Check and a Vulnerable Sector Check.
  9. Any fee incurred in order for the successful applicant to obtain a Criminal Record Check or Vulnerable Sector Check shall be borne by the school budget. 

  10. The Principal will be responsible for informing parents, prior to the commencement of the activity if a volunteer(s) will be coaching or supervising students (under the supervision of the Principal). 
  11. When a volunteer is new to the school and has been approved to lead or assist with a student activity, the Principal shall ensure that an orientation session occurs in which the following topics will be discussed: 
    1. Coaches Code of Conduct
    2. Any school philosophy regarding the participation of students (e.g. selection, playing time, behaviour expectations, etc.); 
    3. Use of school facilities and equipment; 
    4. Safety requirements as specified within the Physical Education Safety Guidelines of Alberta; 
    5. Supervision expectations; 
    6. Discipline and referral procedures; 
    7. Communication with parents; 
    8. Finances and fundraising; 
    9. Transportation procedures; 
    10. Professional development opportunities; and 
    11. Board policies and Division administrative procedures that would impact the operation of the proposed activity. 
  12. Verification that the volunteer supervisor/coach has been involved in an orientation session is to be completed, signed and kept on file in the school office (Form 490-1). 
  13. Volunteer supervisors/coaches are to be encouraged to avail themselves of professional development activities, specifically activities that will enhance the ability to deal with the needs of students involved in the activity (e.g. coaching certification clinics, first aid programs). 


Form 490-1: Volunteer Registration Form

Respect in Sport - Coach/Activity Leader Program

Coaches Code of Conduct


Section 11,33,52,53,196,197,222,256 Education Act

Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Physical Education Safety Guidelines of Alberta


Approved: August 21, 2018

Last Reviewed: July 2022