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Administrative Procedure 531: STUDENT ACCIDENT INSURANCE


The Division endorses a program of group accident insurance which will be paid for by the Division for student(s) and will provide for them a basic coverage during school hours and on school activities. Any additional coverage will be the responsibility of the parent(s).


  1. The amount for basic coverage shall be assessed as part of the school fee at each school.

  2. The Division shall be responsible for annual application for group insurance.

  3. The Principal will provide for the distribution of insurance applications if parent(s) desire to supplement the basic plan. Both the premium and the submission of the application shall be the responsibility of the parent(s) and not the school.


Section 33,52,53,68,196,197,222 Education Act


Approved: June 11, 1996

Amended: November 13, 2000; August 21, 2018