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Administrative Procedure 540: PLANNING FOR SCHOOL FACILITIES


Sound planning for the upgrading and/or modernization of schools, or for additions to existing schools and/or the construction of new schools is essential. In order to enhance the planning process, stakeholders are invited to participate. Well-designed facilities contribute to optimum learning environments for students.


  1. The Superintendent in consultation with the Secretary-Treasurer will ensure demographic data collection and will report on enrolment projections annually to the Board. 
  2. The Operations and Maintenance Supervisor will conduct audits of all Division facilities on a pre-determined schedule. This audit will include: 
    1. Enrollment and capacity statistics for each school. 
    2. Analysis of the structural, mechanical and electrical components of each school. 
  3. In collaboration with principals, the Director of Operations and Maintenance is responsible for the efficient use of facility space. 
  4. The Board will collaborate with municipal authorities to ensure that adequate and appropriate land is made available for school purposes. 
  5. The Secretary-Treasurer will identify priorities for facility requirements and will bring forward a draft Capital Plan to the Board for its consideration. 
  6. The Board will determine updates to its Three Year Capital Plan and Facilities Master Plan annually and submit the necessary documentation to Alberta Education. 
  7. Following an Alberta Government announcement, a Project Planning Committee will be established by the Superintendent. 
    1. Meetings will be called by the Superintendent at appropriate times during the planning process and as often as necessary. 
  8. The Board will consult with municipal authorities during the planning process for any modernization or new construction. 


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Funding Manual for School Authorities 

Policy and Requirements for School Board Planning and Reporting 

School Authorities Planning and Reporting Reference Guide


Approved: August 21, 2018