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Administrative Procedure 547: ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS


The Division is committed to fostering procedures, practices and education programs which will protect and preserve the environment. 


  1. The Division will endeavour to purchase “environmentally friendly” products which will provide the highest possible level of performance. 
  2. The Division will endeavor to operate school facilities and equipment in the most energy efficient manner consistent with human needs for safety and comfort. 
    1. The Division encourages all employees to practice energy conservation measures. 
    2. The Operations and Maintenance Supervisor or designate will keep in order a monitoring system of energy utilization. 
    3. The efficient use of energy and water will be guiding principles in all renovations, new construction and operations. 
  3. The Division encourages and supports initiatives to reduce, recycle and recover waste materials in all schools and departments. 
  4. The Division supports staff development initiatives designed to advance environmental awareness, environmental education and care for the environment within annual budget allocations for training and development. 
  5. Environmental education will continue to be incorporated into the content and methodology of the instructional program.
  6. The Division will continue to promote local habitat conservation and improvement on all Division-owned properties, where possible.


Section 33,52,53,68,196,197,204,222,225 Education Act

Occupational Health and Safety Act 

Public Health Act


Approved: August 21, 2018