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Administrative Procedure 551: JOINT USE AGREEMENT


All facilities within a community are to be used by members of that community. The Division is prepared to enter into a joint use agreement with all towns or hamlets in which a school is located to provide the community access to and use of any school facilities in exchange for the same privilege in regards to the town or hamlet owned facilities.


  1. Both parties agree that there will be no rental charge assessed for the use of their respective facilities, with the exception of:
    1. Incurred overtime charges,
    2. Specialized staff hired for a specific activity.
  2. Each party shall be responsible for supervision of all activities which take place in the other's facility, and will absolve the owner of that facility of any liability responsibilities during that time.
  3. Vandalism or wilful damage shall be the responsibility of the party using the facility at the time of the damage.
  4. Bookings of facilities shall be the responsibility of the Principal, both in granting facility use as well as obtaining facility use.
  5. This Administrative Procedure does not restrict either party from assessing fees to the participants to cover the costs of administration, overtime, or other expenses.
  6. The Principal of each school is to sign an agreement in harmony with the above procedures with their local community authorities.


Section 33,51,52,53,68,187,197,222 Education Act

Societies Act


Approved: September 12, 1996

Amended: April 15, 1999; August 21, 2018