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Administrative Procedure 560: Appendix B: Payment in Lieu of Regular Bus Service


Payments in-lieu of providing regular bus service shall be paid where recommended by the Transportation Supervisor and approved by the Superintendent in harmony with the following procedures.


  1. Payments shall be considered where:
    1. An extension distance is such that it would create excessive ride time and/or extremely early start time for other students on the bus route.
    2. The bus route has reached or already exceeds the recommended one (1) hour ride time.
    3. The road into the residence is not an all-season road, but is more than 2.4 km from the existing bus route.
    4. An existing bus route does not exist in the immediate area.
  2. The parent(s) shall be notified of the decision to provide “payment in lieu” of a bus service, identifying the reason(s) for the decision as well as the dollar amount.
  3. Dollar value will reflect the actual costs of regular Division bus service.


Section 4,11,33,36,37,52,53,59,59.1,68,197,222,225 Education Act


Approved: October 10, 1995

Amended: May 5, 2003; May 4, 2009; August 21, 2018