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Administrative Procedure 560: Appendix A: Students Missing the Bus After School


The Division shall provide transportation for eligible students to and from their designated school on a daily basis. It is the student's responsibility to access the provided transportation. In the event a student misses their bus at the end of the school day, the following procedures shall apply:


  1. The Division is responsible for only those students who remain at the school, and have notified school personnel.
  2. The Principal in each school shall be responsible to establish protocols to ensure the safe transportation of those students.
    1. School personnel as designated by the school protocol shall contact the parent(s) of the student and arrange for one (1) of the following:
      1. The parent(s) or their designate will pick up the student at the school and take him/her home.
      2. Two (2) adults, one (1) of whom is a Division employee, will transport the student to his/her home.
  3. In the event the parent(s) cannot be contacted, the Principal will do one (1) of the following:
    1. Contact an emergency alternate and have this person pick up the student,
    2. Remain at the school with the student and wait for a parent(s) or emergency alternate to pick up the student, and, after a reasonable amount of time, the Principal will make appropriate arrangements, or
    3. Have two (2) adults, one (1) of whom is a Division employee, will transport the student to the emergency alternate's home.


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Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

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Funding Manual for School Authorities


Approved: March 4, 2004

Amended: November 2, 2010; January 9, 2018; August 21, 2018