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Administrative Procedure 562: Appendix A: Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Operator Responsibilities


The Division will hold any and all persons operating a school bus on behalf of the Division, whether they be employed by the Division or as a volunteer, responsible for the safe operation of the school bus and the safety of the passengers under the direction of the program supervisor during extra· or co-curricular trips.


  1. Personal Qualifications of Bus Operator (refer to Administrative Procedure 446)
    1. All bus operators shall hold the required and valid bus operator's license, either a class 1, 2, or 4 issued by the Province of Alberta. In order to ensure that operators are licensed correctly, they must:
      1. Be registered and have on file with the Division a copy of their Driver's License.
      2. Have on file a signed copy of consent (Form 562-1), to allow the Division to obtain a copy of the Driver's Abstract at the beginning of services.
      3. Notify the Division immediately if their license has been suspended or revoked for any reason.
    2. Bus operators shall be of good moral character and be mature and responsible individuals.
    3. Bus operators must possess the following physical characteristics:
      1. Sufficient physical ability to drive a school bus.
      2. Possession and full normal use of both hands, both arms, both feet, both legs, both eyes and both ears.
      3. Freedom from any mental, nervous, organic or functional disease which might impair the person's ability to properly operate a school bus.
      4. Visual acuity, with or without glasses, of at least 20/40 each eye and a field vision with one hundred fifty (150) degree minimum and with depth perception of at least eighty percent (80%).
    4. It is the duty of the bus operator to inform the Superintendent or Transportation Supervisor of any impairment or change in physical/emotional condition or health that may impair his/her ability to safely operate a school bus. 
  2. The safety of the student(s) shall be the number one priority.
  3. Awareness and concern shall be evident for the care of the bus while on the trip.

  4. The supervisor and/or bus operator will review with the students the "Student Conduct on Buses" as posted on the school bus.
  5. The bus operator shall conduct a pre-trip inspection of the bus, as prescribed on the Driver's Log and Inspection Form (Form 562-2) which shall include a check of all fluid levels and a "walk-around" inspection of bus exterior conditions.
    1. The Driver's Log and Inspection Form will be recorded and submitted to the school office following the activity along with any other notations regarding the condition of the bus.
  6. The bus shall not leave school property until Authorization Form 562-1 has been properly completed, and approved, with copies on the bus and in the school office and the transportation department (may be submitted electronically)
  7. The approved, outlined itinerary will be followed unless otherwise directed by the supervisor.
  8. All extra- and co-curricular trips are from the school, to the destination and back to the school only. Additional transportation from school to private homes is the responsibility of parent(s).
  9. The inside of the bus will be clean before, during and following each trip.
  10. The bus is returned as soon as possible where a post-trip inspection is completed and the bus made ready for the next excursion.
  11. The Driver's Log and Inspection Form will be completed and signed off, regarding any mechanical irregularities and reported to the appropriate authority immediately following each trip. The Form will then be submitted to the Transportation Supervisor within a two (2) week period following the activity.
  12. The bus operator shall follow all rules, policies and regulations set by Federal, Provincial and Division agencies without exception. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the loss of bus privileges.
  13. In those locations where buses are not secured, the fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and all documentation should be taken in and out of the bus at the beginning and at the end of each trip.
  14. The Transportation Supervisor shall obtain a Driver's Abstract for all contract and volunteer bus drivers to be retained on file.


Section 33,52,53,59,68,222,225 Education Act

Traffic Safety Act 

Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation 121/2009 

Student Transportation Regulation 250/98 (Amended A.R. 125/2005) 

Use of Highway and Rules of the Road Regulation 304/2002 

Vehicle Equipment Regulation 122/2009


Approved: January 22, 2004

Amended: May 5, 2009; January 9, 2018; August 21, 2018