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Administrative Procedure 560: Appendix B: Mechanical Responsibility for Extra Curricular Buses


The Division recognizes the necessity of policy with regards to proper procedure/responsibility in dealing with the mechanical needs of the extra-curricular busing. Each Principal will identify a contact person to coordinate all busing requirements, to include the mechanical needs of the bus. The following procedures have been established to fill that need.


  1. Each Principal is responsible to monitor the mechanical and cosmetic condition of the buses being utilized in all school sponsored trips.
  2. It is the responsibility of each operator, upon noticing any irregularities, to note those problems in the trip logbook and report it immediately to the school contact person. If a contact person has not been identified, the driver shall report it immediately to the Transportation Supervisor (653-4491).
  3. The school contact person will notify the Transportation Supervisor regarding the need for regular scheduled maintenance work (grease, oil, filter, etc.) as well as the noted maintenance work identified following school activities. The maintenance shop will make every effort to complete any noted work prior to the next scheduled activity.
  4. All costs relating to general maintenance will be the responsibility of the Division. Costs, such as damage from vandalism by the participating group and/or undo care and attention, will be the responsibility of the participating group.
  5. Unreported Issues will be the responsibility of the last group that performed a trip inspection.

  6. Pick-up and delivery of the buses for maintenance purposes will be the responsibility of the Transportation Supervisor.
  7. “Emergency Information” or “Roadside Assistance” information cards are located in the bus first aid kit.


Section 33,52,53,59,68,222,225 Education Act

Traffic Safety Act 

Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation 121/2009 

Student Transportation Regulation 250/98 (Amended A.R. 125/2005) 

Use of Highway and Rules of the Road Regulation 304/2002 

Vehicle Equipment Regulation 122/2009


Approved: May 8, 2003

Amended: May 5, 2009; August 21, 2018