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The Division owns and operates a fleet of vehicles (e.g.: school buses, trucks, vans, etc.) as well as motorized maintenance equipment and accessories (e.g.: tractors, bobcats, trailers, etc.) for the purpose of providing necessary services within the Division. The Transportation Supervisor will direct and be responsible for the service and maintenance of all vehicles and motorized equipment registered to the Division. The Division will maintain within the Transportation Department a fully licensed mechanical service facility.


  1. The Transportation Supervisor is responsible for:
    1. All mechanical maintenance and repairs on all Division-owned vehicles.
    2. The purchase of any parts and accessories necessary in the maintenance and upkeep of the Division fleet.
    3. Approving any and all sub-let charges on behalf of fleet maintenance.
    4. Contacting the office of the Secretary-Treasurer for authorization on all major expenditures and/or cost concerns.
  2. It is the responsibility of each department and/or operator of all Division-owned equipment to:
    1. Monitor the mechanical and cosmetic condition of the equipment they are operating. (Pre-trip inspection, Post Trip inspections, etc.)
    2. Contact the Transportation Supervisor in the event of a breakdown or mechanical failure, regardless of location or time of day.
    3. Make arrangements for regular service as indicated on the sticker located on either the mirror or the windshield of any vehicle.
    4. Report immediately all accidents and/or damage incurred during operations.
  3. Every effort is to be made to ensure that all equipment operated on behalf of the Division is properly cared for and maintained at all times.


Section 33,52,53,68,197,204,222,225 Education Act

Traffic Safety Act

Traffic Safety (Distracted Driving) Amendment Act

School Bus Operation Regulation

Student Transportation Regulation 250/98 (Amended A.R. 197/2000)

Canadian Standards Association


Approved: February 23, 2005

Amended: September 12, 2005; May 5, 2009; August 21, 2018