Planning and Results

Four-Year Education Plan

Annually, Westwind School Division publishes and updates its Education Plan. The document outlines the Division's priorities, goals and outcomes over a four-year period. It also highlights the performance measures and strategies the Division is using to meet each priority, goal and outcome.

Education Plan: 2022-2023

Education Plan: 2021-2022

Update: May 2022

Annual Education Results Report 2020-21

Annually, Westwind School Division publishes an Annual Education Results Report, which outlines detailed information about how WWSD is doing relative to Alberta Education’s performance measures; how it's supporting students to achieve the best possible outcomes; and its successes, challenges and priority strategies moving forward.

Overall, the 2020-21 report indicates the Division is meeting both the priorities and goals set out in the Education Plan, which is to enhance the growth and success of all its students.


Annual Education Results Report 2020-2021


Created January 2021

Capital and Facility Services Project Reports

Every year, WWSD reviews and updates both its Three-Year Capital Plan and 10-Year Facilities Plan. The plans are used to prioritize key capital projects for the Division and to guide decision-making for future projects. The Three-Year Capital Plan is submitted annually to the provincial government, and the 10-Year Facilities Plan guides internal planning and helps inform the Three-Year Capital Plan. 

Three-Year Capital Plan (2022-25)