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The Division recognizes and encourages co-curricular and extra-curricular programs that enhance the educational experience for students.


Co-curricular refers to those activities, which have the classroom or the instructional program as their base. Commonly referred to as a “Field Trip”, it is expected that there will be classroom preparation by the teacher and students for this type of activity and follow-up work relating the activity to the curriculum. In most cases, these activities would take place during regular school time.

Extra-curricular refers to those activities sponsored by the school, which provide opportunities for student(s) to participate in activities, which are related to the school program and supervised by teachers or other authorized personnel. The majority of these activities would take place outside regular school hours.


  1. The Division strongly recommends that all travel is to be by school bus within the Province of Alberta.
    1. In special cases, commercial carriers may be approved by the Superintendent.
    2. When private vehicles are used, Administrative Procedure 565: Use of Private Vehicles by the School must be followed.
  2. Transportation Requests
    1. Teacher(s) requiring transportation for a co-curricular trip shall present to the Principal:
      1. A request outlining the purpose of the trip,
      2. The plans for incorporating the trip into the curriculum,
      3. The date and destination of the trip, and
      4. The number of passengers going, including any extra supervisors.
    2. This request shall be submitted, and approvals received before the planned activity can take place.
    3. An International Travel Informed Consent form (Form 260-1) and a Parent Information Letter (Form 261-2) will be sent home.
      1. Students must return the completed waiver form prior to participation.
  3. Approval
    1. Requests for trips under this Administrative Procedure are to be received and reviewed by the Principal.
    2. The Principal shall be authorized to approve all trips within the province of Alberta that do not require an overnight stay.
    3. The Principal shall submit the request to the Superintendent with his/her recommendation for the necessary approval if the trip requires the approval of the Board or the Superintendent.
    4. If a trip requires Principal approval only, the onus is on the Principal to ensure that the itinerary and any activities including potential high-risk activities have been identified, and proper safety and procedural contingencies are in place.
    5. The Superintendent shall be authorized to approve all trips within the Province of Alberta that require overnight stay.
      1. Requests require at least one (1) week notice.
      2. Approval must be obtained prior to expenses being incurred or commitments are made.
    6. All trips outside the province of Alberta require Board approval and must be submitted at least six (6) weeks prior to the trip.
    7. All overnight stay trips involving Kindergarten to grade 6 students require Board approval, and must be submitted at least eight (8) weeks prior to the trip.
    8. If an overnight stay is a necessity, Administrative Procedure 262: Extra Curricular: High School shall be followed.
    9. Each trip shall be documented on Form 562-1, including the date and time of the trip, destination, bus operator, purpose, a list of passengers and supervisor(s) and a current pre-trip bus inspection.
  4. Event organizers are encouraged to review and follow the ASBIE Policy and Procedures Manual, April 2010 for suggested guidelines, parameters, and approvals, as it relates to any activities and plans in their itinerary that may or may not be high risk in nature.
    1. Appropriate safety devices must be used/worn as outlined in Administrative Procedure 264: Student Safety Devices.
  5. Adequate supervision shall be provided at all times.


Acknowledgement of Risk and Informed Consent Form (Form 261-1)

Parent Information Letter (Form 261-2)


Section 1,11,31,32,32,52,53,196,197,222 Education Act

Traffic Safety Act

Guide to Education ECS to Grade 12

Safety Guidelines for Physical Activity in Alberta Schools

Safety Guidelines for Secondary Inter-School Athletics in Alberta

Physical Education Safety Guidelines


Approved: March 21, 2006

Amended: December 2, 2008; February 7, 2012; August 21, 2018, August 25, 2022