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Administrative Procedure 262: EXTRA-CURRICULAR: HIGH SCHOOL


The Division endorses extra-curricular activities at the high school level but considers that they are a responsibility of the individual schools. However, since the Division is providing liability insurance and is involved in the transportation, the following procedures need to be noted and followed.


  1. Extra-curricular programs are to be kept within the intended perspective that they are beyond the regular school program and are not to unduly affect student attendance or student achievement.
  2. The Superintendent expects administration, coaches and supervisors to conduct each program in such a way that:
    1. The self-esteem and respect of each team member is valued,
    2. Sportsmanship is reflected in the conduct of both participants and spectators as outlined in the Westwind Athletics Spectator Code of Conduct. 
    3. Parental communication is evident.

  3. The Superintendent requires principals to meet with all coaches, including volunteer coaches prior to the beginning of the season and review expectations in the Coaches Code of Conduct and this Administrative Procedure, and ensure copies are given to all coaches
    1. Coaches will sign a copy of this Administrative Procedure, as well as the Coaches Code of Conduct indicating their compliance with this Administrative Procedure.
    2. Copies will be kept on file in the Principal’s office.

  4. The Superintendent recommends that, where possible, all activities or school teams be supervised or coached by a member of the Westwind staff.

  5. The principal at each school shall ensure there is proper supervision at all team/activities/functions. Westwind School Division recommends at least two (2) supervisors depending on activity/function. Coaches should always avoid private one-on-one situations with team members.

  6. All costs associated with the programs shall be the responsibility of the school or the student(s). Therefore every effort is to be taken to be certain that excessive costs do not prevent an individual student from participating

  7. The Division will provide transportation as outlined in Administrative Procedure 562: Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Transportation

  8. Each High School Principal shall submit their extra-curricular schedule to the Superintendent for approval, highlighting any overnight stay, at the beginning of each athletic season.
    1. Amendments, if any, shall be submitted for approval in a timely fashion (Administrative Procedure 261).
    2. Substitute costs (in days) will be paid by the Division to a reasonable amount in consultation with the Superintendent.

  9. It is essential that supervision is provided for all activities, both during the transportation and the activities. As well if an overnight stay is required, supervision shall be provided for the overnight stay, and if the group is mixed, there shall be both male and female supervisors at a ratio determined by the Principal.

  10. Occasional early dismissal will be permitted when absolutely necessary.

  11. It is required that students will travel to and from an event in the pre-approved mode of transportation with the following exceptions:
    1. When a parent of a student is present at the event, the student may be released to the parent, upon their request.
    2. If a parent has made prior arrangements with the Principal or coach, a student may be released according to those arrangements.

  12. The Division does not allow the practice of students driving themselves or other students to and from off-site activities.



Coaches Code of Conduct


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Traffic Safety Act

Guide to Education ECS to Grade 12

Safety Guidelines for Physical Activity in Alberta Schools

Safety Guidelines for Secondary Inter-School Athletics in Alberta

Physical Education Safety Guidelines

Westwind Athletics Spectator Code of Conduct


Approved: June 11, 1996

Amended: February 7, 2012; August 21, 2018; July 31, 2019; November 20, 2019