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Administrative Procedure 430: ROLE OF THE PRINCIPAL


The Superintendent shall appoint a Principal for each school in the Division to take care of both the legal and delegated responsibilities within the school. The Principal is an accomplished teacher who practices quality leadership in the provision of opportunities for optimum learning and development of all students in the school. The Principal leadership dimensions include: fostering effective relationships, modelling commitment to professional learning, embodying visionary leadership, leading a learning community, supporting the application of foundational knowledge about First Nations, Métis, and Inuit, providing instructional leadership, developing leadership capacity, managing school operations and resources and understanding and responding to the larger societal context.


  1. Each principal shall review with their respective staff a list of Administrative Procedures, provided by the Superintendent, at the first staff meeting of the year.

  2. Specifically, the Education Act outlines the following responsibilities for the Principal:
    1. Provide instructional leadership in the school.
    2. Ensure that the instruction provided by the teachers in the school is consistent with the courses of study and education programs prescribed, approved or authorized pursuant to the Education Act.
    3. Evaluate or provide for the evaluation of programs in the school and ensure that students in the school have the opportunity to meet the standards of education set by the Minister.
    4. Direct the management of the school.
    5. Maintain order and discipline in the school and on the school grounds, and during activities sponsored or approved by the Board.
    6. Promote cooperation between the school and the community that it serves.
    7. Supervise the evaluation and advancement of students.
    8. Evaluate the teachers employed in the school.
    9. Ensure that the Canadian flag and the Alberta flag are displayed at the school.

  3. The Principal is empowered by the Education Act (section 36) to suspend a student(s) for up to five (5) days from:
    1. One (1) or more class periods;
    2. One (1) or more courses or education programs;
    3. School; or
    4. Riding on a school bus.
  4. A Principal who suspends a student or has a suspended student referred to him/her may:
    1. Require a student to serve an in-school suspension for no more than five (5) days;
    2. Reinstate the student within six (6) days;
    3. Suspend the student for no more than five (5) days;
    4. Refer the student to the Superintendent with a recommendation for reinstatement or expulsion.

  5. The Principal has the power, as well, to reinstate a suspended student or, under extreme circumstances, recommend expulsion to the Board. (Administrative Procedure 355 SUSPENSION AND EXPULSION)

  6. Subject to the collective agreement, or the Principal's contract of employment, the Principal shall carry out those duties assigned by the Superintendent in accordance with the regulations and the requirements of the Education Act and the Board. Such duties shall include, but not necessarily be limited to:
    1. Establish a school timetable with the assignment of teachers to instruct students for not more than 907 hours per year.
    2. Ensure there are at least two (2) times allocated during the school year for parent-teacher interviews/celebration of learning.
    3. Maintaining all student records, in compliance with Alberta Education requirements.
    4. Enforcing and recording student(s) attendance, recording such in PowerSchool.
    5. Ensure student supervision and safety, including maintaining a detailed School Emergency Response Plan and conducting regular fire and lockdown drills as outlined in Administrative Procedure 165.
    6. Evaluating or providing for student evaluation and reporting appropriately to parents to include at least 3 times per year for full-year programs and at least 2 times per semester course.
      1. Ensuring teachers record student achievement data into PowerSchool for inclusion in PASI.
    7. Assisting in staff selection.
    8. Assigning, supervising, encouraging and evaluating, when required, all school staff through regular visits, in-service and regular staff meetings.
    9. Administering and keeping accurate accounting records of any and all school funds assigned to or earned by the school.
    10. Organizing and distributing a student handbook reflecting school philosophy and policies.
    11. Developing a program allowing for good public relations with the community to include maintaining a current school website.
    12. Providing to the Superintendent whatever reports that are required from time to time, including the annual education results report and rolling three-year education plan, including the annual professional learning plan for the school.
    13. Accepting the responsibility for the cleanliness of the school and making recommendations for periodic repairs to maintain the school plant in an appropriate condition for students and staff.
    14. Organizing, supervising and supporting any extra-curricular or co-curricular programs in the school in harmony with Division procedures.
      1. Principals at the high school level shall not be assigned in a coaching role.
    15. Working with and assisting the school council to fulfil its mandate.

  7. The Principal shall work under the direction of the Superintendent and shall confer with the Superintendent on a regular basis or when emergent matters arise.

  8. It is expected that the Principal will be an advocate for his/her school, staff and students and an advocate for the Division, its personnel, policies and procedures.

  9. The Principal is responsible for the selection and mentoring, of all extracurricular and athletic coaches for programs in his/her school.
    1. The Principal shall ensure that expectations for coaches conduct is clearly communicated annually and enforced appropriately at the school level.
    2. The Principal ensures that the Westwind spectator code of conduct is visible and reviewed regularly with teams and the fans at athletic events.  

  10. A High School Principal shall not coach an athletic team in his or her school. Principals will inform parents of the creation/establishment of all school clubs, extra-curricular and student-led organizations, at the beginning of the school year, or in the event of a new club or organization, parents will be advised prior to the first meeting of the group.
    1. As the Principal provides this information to parents, it is expected parents will ensure their children are aware of their expectations regarding involvement in any and all school clubs and student-led organizations.
    2. School personnel will encourage students to inform their parents of their involvement in all school activities and student-led organizations of interest to them.
      1. If a parent contacts the Principal with a query about the involvement of their child – the Principal shall disclose to the parent anything that falls within the parents’ legal right to receive.


Administrative Procedure 430 Appendix A: School Handbooks

Administrative Procedure 430 Appendix B: School Procedures


Section 32,33,52,53,55,197,202,203,204,222 Education Act

Leadership Quality Practice 

Collective Agreement


Approved: January 10, 1995

Amended: February 2, 2010; August 21, 2018; October 2, 2019, May 6, 2020; May 16, 2022; July 12, 2022