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Administrative Procedure 560: BUS ROUTES


The Division shall maintain and review annually the required number of bus routes to transport all eligible students to and from their designated school on a daily basis. The major considerations in establishing the routes shall be student safety, student needs, and cost-efficiency. Any deviations to the established routes shall be minimal and in harmony with the following procedures.


  1. In general, a student shall be considered eligible for busing to school if he/she lives beyond 2.4 km from their designated school.
    1. Less than 2.4 km ineligible students may be considered for transportation based on space availability, registration date and applicable fee payment.
    2. Should a transportation request be denied all applicable paid fees will be refunded. 
    3. Siblings of transportation eligible students may be able to access the bus route without a fee based on space availability without deviating from the established route or school destination.  
  2. Bus routes shall be reviewed annually and adjustments made to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the program. Consideration shall be given to bus sizes and needs.
    1. The Transportation Supervisor shall monitor bus routes and busloads constantly during the year and by August 31 of each year will make any change(s) required in the bussing system in preparation for the new school year.
  3. All requests for extensions onto private property shall be made in writing to the Transportation Supervisor and any extensions granted shall take into consideration:
    1. Need and/or safety of the student(s).
    2. Condition of the road.
    3. Provision of a turnabout.
  4. The Division reserves the right to charge a fee for any extension granted as well as to review all extensions annually.
  5. The Division shall be responsible to contact parent(s) before the commencement of the school year in situations where payment in lieu is to be considered, or in cases where student needs dictate, as soon as possible.


Administrative Procedure 560 Appendix A: Students Missing the Bus After School

Administrative Procedure 560 Appendix B: Payment in Lieu of Regular Bus Service


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Funding Manual for School Authorities


Approved: March 27, 2003

Amended: May 18, 2005; May 5, 2009; August 21, 2018; April 14, 2020; April 26, 2020